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The Evolution magnetic Cyclone is perfect for quickly cleaning up your chips and other bits of metal

15 Jul 2022
by Evolution Power Tools

The Evolution Power Tools Cyclone magnetic chip catcher is the perfect tool for quickly cleaning up metal shavings and scraps, but it's not just for metalworkers and welders; the cyclone is perfect for picking up any metal object in your workshop, making it indispensable for metalworking and all general workshop work.

Simply swing the magnetic chip catcher over metal shavings, scraps or fallen steel objects to pick them up. With the simple pull mechanism, you can switch off the magnetic attraction and let the chips fall where you want them, into the bin or back to your workplace.

This magnetic stick is compact but can still be labelled as a heavy duty design with strong magnetic adhesion. Made of inox (stainless steel). This clever tool from Evolution can collect up to 6.5 kg of chips.

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